Taking “No” For An Answer Is Okay

Short musings on rejection


Often in life, we’ll come to face rejection of variable sorts – and if there is anything I’ve learnt from this dog-eat-dog world is that we are often told “not to take no for an answer”.

“Don’t let them hinder you from your goals!”

“Seize your moment, if not who else will?”

“You make your own path”

Rejection is not defeat

This attitude of never taking no for an answer is likened to a persevering can-do-and-never-give-up outlook in life. Which is admirable of course, but underplays the importance of accepting rejection as part of living. Don’t get me wrong, sitting down and passively accepting no is not an admittance to “defeat”  – and if anything, opens the perspective issue to larger grounds instead. Why did they say no? Can I accept no as an answer?

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Receiving approval for most, induces a positive and affirmative thought process; just because you receive the request you desire, does that necessarily mean this is for your overall betterment? Failure and rejection is necessary and promotes continuous improvement with set target goals for feelings of fulfillment. Without it, I personally feel lost – and worst – unaccomplished when I do actually have something go my way once in a while.

In all account, my ambivalent nature allows me to focus on being more tepid when I face rejection. Sometimes, I kick the barrel of oil and just go way off the charts and feed on my natural aggression to accomplish goals. Most times, I do wonder who what events are spurred into movement by my compliance. This is not really a one-size-fit all guide. Rejection on accounts of a career growth and in courting/love happens on a universal level and it’s really more up to the individual to dictate what they can and cannot accept. You may not believe in fate, but somethings are and aren’t meant to be.

You can take no for an answer, learn from it and let go. I’ve done it, and while it can seem frustrating, accepting your “loss” or “defeat” – never think it as so.

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Stevie Ku'shon

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