Submission Guidelines For Tailored Raw

Writers with great ideas on art,culture or design? We are looking at you!


How to send us your submissions?

Currently, we only accept electronic submissions via email to Your manuscript should only be in either .doc or .docx format. In your email, please also provide us a one or two liner summary of what your submission is about for referencing. **By sending us your submission, you are consenting to having your article be published on ; be subject to the same copyright terms as our other articles platform wide; and receive a due payment of RM50 for the single script.

What is the format of the manuscripts?

Your manuscripts need to be in size 12 font type with 1 inch margins and numbered pages. The main body of the article should also not be more than 1500 words. Please do not include images in your script.

The following information should also be included at the very beginning of your script alongside a short bio of yourself not more than 120 words. This will be included in your article on TR should it be selected. 

Author Name:

Author Email Address: 

Author Social Media Handles: Twitter/ Instagram / Facebook 

What kind of submissions are you open to?

Tentatively, we are open to anything that is at its core, related to art, culture and design. This includes and is not limited to, arts in the local Malaysian and International scene. Topics on animation, literature, movies, TV, fine arts, performance art, illustration, graphic design are also more than welcome. As a general rule of thumb, we try to ask ourselves, “what is the core artistic idea of this topic?”, and use this as a basis for our curatorial process. Our writing is defined by strong opinions and creative discourses. While we are no stranger to controversial topics, we discourage excessive contempt or hate speech of any kind. It is a fine line that we cannot truly define but hope it comes across clearly as we try to encourage a better way to discuss ideas.

How is the process of selection?

Selection of submissions is solely at the due diligence of the Tailored Raw Editorial Team. We do not accept responsibility for any other unsolicited material sent over in the form of original illustrations/ prints/ photographs/ video. Additionally we do not accept payment in and of any kind for publishing content by a sole contributor and also operate on curatorial basis from the team.

Response time?

Please expect a response time of 7 to 14 working days. We will try to get in touch with you asap!

What happens if my submission is selected?

Should on chance that the submission is selected for publishing, writers will be notified as soon as possible via email and receive RM50 as payment for the script as per our standard rate.

Help, I’m not sure if my submission made it through?

We apologize if there are any technical difficulties. If we have not responded in the aforementioned time frame, we encourage you to reach out to us through the Tailored Raw Facebook line for quicker liaising.

Happy Writing!




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Stevie Ku'shon

Stevie grew up in the cusp between the VCR and DVD era and can't afford Netflix either. Reportedly the first ever person to transition from Beta female, to Alpha female, to Beta again successfully without any complications - she also has a degree paper, that paper being white - And 11 out of 10 people agree that she never tells any lies, especially in writing. With a background in fine arts, particularly an affinity for performance/ installation art that touch on breaking boundaries and social norms, she has a lil sum-sumthin to say about it all

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