‘Finding Joe’, A Documentary on the Ultimate Hero’s Journey Of Self-Discovery


New wonders in a strange new land

Have you ever woken up one morning in the comfort of your home, and then in the next, thrust into a strange  unknown world? Perhaps you got a letter for a mysterious magical school, or you fell into a rabbit hole, or whisked away by a Tornado of all things. Think of your Harry Potters, your Alice in Wonderlands, your Wizard of Ozs ; each story transports you away into a new land of uncanny wonders and dangers – each story having a set of universal tropes and sets that assists the hero through his journey. Joseph Campbell explains to us how that works.

Who was Joseph Campbell?

Joseph Campbell, was a prolific American author and editor in the 20th century, whose works on comparative mythology examined the universal functions of myth in various human cultures and mythic figures in a wide range of literatures. He diagrammed our stories, our myths and legends that speaks for the universality of it’s origins. He was a huge influence to George Lucas and the Star Wars films – his idea of mythopoetic narratives only helped fuel the ongoing spirit of the hero, Luke Skywalker and his journey. Campbell discovered a pattern hidden in every story ever told and he called it, “The Hero’s Journey” . This documentary takes us along for the ride through the human psyche and narratives.

By facing the metaphorical dragons, the ghosts and demons that plague the stories of heroes, Campbell speaks on the condition of human life. The pursuit of greatness by transcending into an unknown world, and coming out the other side having learnt something new – it is a tale told as old as time itself.

Finding Joe (2011) , a documentary on the Hero’s Journey

An inspirational film, Finding Joe (2011) is a journey of the hero and more importantly of self discovery. Insightful into the tropes and allegories in the story of myth and legend permeating our everyday lives.

You can watch the full documentary here through Gaia.

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