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“A Raven Monologue” – a short silent interactive game

Beautiful art and music to boot!


This is “A Raven Monologue”, a short indie game produced by Mojiken Studio. It’s a story of a Raven who does not know how to croak and the relationship he has with the people in town.

Dearest Sir Raven,
Do you still wander around without end?
Crafting colors under the still and silent
Not knowing I’m waiting here alone without a friend

Dearest Sir Raven,
When you are around, would you mind to stop by?
Just a hello, just a moment
To let me savor the memories before our goodbye

Dearest Sir Raven,
Let us go home
To the place devoid of reality frame
Where I shall watch over us even without a logical form

-from the Mojiken Studio creator’s page

Experimental and stunning artwork, this game pushes the boundaries on what gaming and interactivity can do within a confined framework

You can download the game and support the creators here

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Stevie Ku'shon

Stevie grew up in the cusp between the VCR and DVD era and can't afford Netflix either. Reportedly the first ever person to transition from Beta female, to Alpha female, to Beta again successfully without any complications - she also has a degree paper, that paper being white - And 11 out of 10 people agree that she never tells any lies, especially in writing. With a background in fine arts, particularly an affinity for performance/ installation art that touch on breaking boundaries and social norms, she has a lil sum-sumthin to say about it all

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