Artist-Activists, “Indecline” Vandalize a Billboard to “Make kids disappear”, a protest to Trump’s Immigration Policy


Trump’s Immigration policies saturating news headlines

In recent months, the topic of Immigration and Trump’s policies have dominated the news and media headlines. Trump administration introduced a “zero-tolerance” policy on May 7th 2018, calling for the prosecution of all individuals who illegally enter the United States. This means, that when an adult is apprehended for prosecution, children traveling with is turned over to the U.S. Health and Human Services Department.

This policy inadvertently separates the parents from the child with a “prosecute first” approach, leaving hundreds on undocumented immigrant children in shelters for the immediate time being. More than 650 children were separated from their parents during a two-week period in May as a result of the new approach being implemented.

After persistent calls and protests against this policy, Trump finally gave an executive order on June 20th titled “Affording Congress an Opportunity to Address Family Separation.” ,  which instructs the Department of Homeland Security to maintain custody of parents and children jointly, “to the extent permitted by law and subject to the availability of appropriations.”

“Indecline”, Activist Art Collective

Artist-Activist group, “Indecline”, decided to take matter into their own hands by forming a protest billboard. Who are they? They are self described as

“An Activist Art Collective founded in 2001. It is comprised of graffiti writers, filmmakers, photographers and full-time rebels and activists. INDECLINE focuses on social, ecological and economical injustices carried out by American and International governments, corporations and law enforcement agencies.”

This was mentioned on their website. Active since 2001, their projects and activism are more nowadays known for their protests against Trump. Some of them include “The People’s Prison” and “The Emperor Has No Balls” as recent examples.

“The People’s Prison”

“The Emperor Has No Balls”

Make Kids Disappear – I.C.E by Indecline

In their documented video below, it shows the activist group working in the dead of night of the San Francisco area. With hoods, masks, ladder, paint and rollers, they climbed up to the billboard and altered the original sign that was an ad for junk removal, changing it from saying “We make junk disappear” to “We make kids disappear”, subsequently signing it as by I.C.E.

According to an artnews editorial on Indecline and their billboard:

The billboard, located in Emeryville, California, along Interstate 80 leading to the Bay Bridge and San Francisco, is owned by ClearChannel. It has since been removed, according to the collective. 

Indecline further elaborates in an email exchange with Artnews:

“This project is in direct response to President Trump’s dedication to the inhuman and blatantly racist practices and policies surrounding immigration, specifically, his willingness to inflict immense trauma on young children and their families under the his banner of xenophobia.”

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