Flying Trump Baby Is Art , A Real Thing And It’s Going Over London As A Giant Inflatable Balloon

Tiny fingers and all!


Leo Murray has recently won over protest to have a giant flying inflatable Trump Baby over the skies of London’s UK Parliament to welcome him over his upcoming visit on Friday, July 13th (incidentally also Friday the 13th if you’re superstitious!) The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, raised earlier concerns over having an “unflattering effigy of the US President” and that calling it “art” still did not qualify it as a legitimate means of protest. This comes alongside other news that protests or the “Stop Trump” march is expected to happen concurrently in central London’s BBC Building in Portland Place, to Trafalgar Square. More details on the rally here 

Murray wrote in an editorial for Metro UK:

To begin with, officials in the London Mayor’s office were not super pumped about our application to fly an unflattering effigy of the US president over Parliament on 13th July, telling us that Trump Baby was “art” and inflatables did not qualify as legitimate protest. But there was nothing in the rules about not flying inflatables, and all our paperwork was in order. We began to wonder if this might not be an important test of the health and vitality of our democracy.

So we started a petition to the Mayor to let Trump Baby fly – and the great British public did not disappoint. In under three weeks the petition has been signed by over 10,000 people, while our crowdfunder to cover the costs of the protest smashed its initial target in 48 hours, with money pouring in from every corner of Britain and beyond.

Trump Baby seems to have captured the mood of the moment. It is therefore an honour and a privilege to be able to today confirm – Trump Baby will fly!

Over on the now up and running Trump Baby’s official twitter account, we now have a beautiful rendering/ re-imagining of the titular character over the skies of London Parliament:

Similar projects and activists have come forward in their solidarity and support – giant inflatable Trump Chicken is a thing as well. As mentioned, it’s stuck to the ground, ironically because chickens can’t fly but hey, it’s cheering Trump Baby upwards and onwards!

For those of you who feel a little left out no worries, the story doesn’t end here. Murray adds on,

Our crowdfunder has already raised £15,000 – three times the amount we set out to spend humiliating Trump on his visit to the UK. So, thanks to everyone’s ridiculous generosity and enthusiasm for the project – Trump Baby is going on world tour!

So yes please, looking forward to having Flying Trump Baby grace over our local skies.

And hey, if you’re in London on Friday, July 13th, look up! Flying Trump Baby might just be overhead 🙂

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