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Beyonce and Jay-Z’s ‘Apeshit’ is having it’s own visitor-centric tour at the Louvre

Now the parisian museum, the Louvre is having a full ninety minute guided tour based on the now infamous music video…
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Got Your Name Or Not? : An Exploration In Time as currency; Labour as art

“Time as currency; Labour as art. Together everyone is an artist, and the work belongs to everybody.”  – The Artists…
Fine Art

The Instagrammable Artist: Why Social Media may be the death of the ‘Thought-Provoking Artist’

What is the Instagrammable Artist? Two days ago, I was browsing through my Instagram feed – as like anyone else…
Fine Art

“You, Other; I, Another” An Exhibition on exploring the dynamic spectrum of the ‘Other’ : A review

Published for The Private Museum Ltd You, Other; I, Another In “You, Other; I, Another”, curated by Dr. Susie Lingham,…

“Seedbed” , ‘Masturbation and Godfather of Transgression’

In conjunction with the International Masturbation Month of May, we decided feature an artist with a notorious approach to masturbation…

6 Steps To Write An Artist Statement: For The Pretentiously Inclined

So you’ve completed your magnum opus, you’ve got the title of the work down and it feels just right. You’re…