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The Beauty of Empowered Women: Netflix’s Atelier Review

*Warning: May contain mild-spoilers. Proceed with caution. A New Start Imagine being a fresh graduate from a sub-urban Nagoya, Japan.…

Why Thinly Veiled Love Cannot Save The Infinite Space of Crushing Loneliness: Passengers (2016)

The hottest looking people aboard a ship together, alone? What could go wrong? Right before the credits roll, we hear…

A film’s depiction of slow, transient love romanticizes long stable relationships hardly seen in cinemas: Only Lovers Left Alive

Slow, transient and loving, these are the qualities that make “Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)”, a film written and directed…

Splendor and Breaking Illusions in Westworld Season II, Episode II: A Review

Seeing and Breaking Illusions While Episode 1 was a slow buildup and reintroduction to the central characters, mostly Bernard’s POV.…

Dreams and Chaos in Westworld Season II, Episode I: A Review

“These violent delights have violent ends” This is the phrase uttered by Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) right as Dolores (Evan Rachel…

A Love Letter to Love: A Violet Evergarden Review

“I want to understand the meaning of the words “I love you”. I want to understand the last words the…